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I am part of the preparations for celebrating the centenary of the birth in 1921 of the great Welsh-European intellect and philosopher Raymond Williams.

Born in Pandy near Abergavenny, Williams was the son of a working class family in the ‘border country’ of east Monmouthshire in the shadows on the Black Mountains. He went on to study at Cambridge and become one of the C20th’s greatest thinkers on the political left. Williams was also a fine novelist of fiction, though much of this had semi-autobiographical influences as well, and in 1960 he published the remarkable Border Country; sandwiched between two of his other great philosophical totems Culture and Society (1958) and The Long Revolution (1961).

I co-ordinate the Raymond Keywords twitter account that pays homage to the great man’s wisdom.

Russell Todd

Russell Todd

I am a Welsh-speaking community development practitioner of 20 years’ experience, researcher, digital inclusion trainer, project manager and co-operator with over 8 years experience of workforce development.